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Getting Your License Back after a DWI

DWI Charges & Your Minnesota Drivers' License

What you need to do immediately after a DWI to get your license back as soon as possible.

When most people think of a DWI, they think of the criminal penalties (i.e., jail, probation and/or fines as a result of being found guilty) but there is also a civil side to a DWI charge. The civil side to DWI deals with your right to have a drivers' license, the actual license plates on your car, and your permanent driving record.

If you have been arrested for a DWI, do NOT wait until your court date to call an attorney. The clock starts ticking the minute you take or refues to take the test! Call Harvey Skees today to ensure the minimal effect on your drivers' license and to start working towards the best possible result for your DWI case.

Will I lose my license for my first DWI offense?

After your first DWI (if your BAC test was less than .16 / twice the legal limit), you will lose your license for 15 days and will then have a limited license for the following 90 days. Or, if you choose, you may opt to install an ignition interlock device of which you must remain on the ignition interlock for a period of 1 year. Or, if your BAC was .16 or more, you will be facing a full year of the ignition interlock system or you will lose your license for a full year.

What are the Costs to have a Minnesota Driver's License Reinstated?

There are actually three fees totalling $704 to have your drivers' license reinstated after a DWI charge in Minnesota. The three amounts you will need to pay are as follows:

  • $24 Drivers License Application Fee
  • $250 License Reinstatement Fee
  • $430 License Reinstatement Surcharge

Second DWI Offense or BAC Over Twice the Legal Limit (.16%)

If you are a first-time DWI offender who had a BAC over .16% or have received your second DWI, you can regain your drivers license by joining the Minnesota Interlock Ignition Program. Basically, Minnesota offers drivers who have been arrested for DWI a chance to continue driving so long as they install the Interlock Ignition device, which takes a breath test before you are able to start your car.

Questions about your DWI charge or how to protect your drivers' license? Call Harvey Skees today at 701-353-5874 or contact us online today.