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Ignition Interlock System & DWI Sentencing

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Ignition Interlock Devices & DWI Defense

Reducing or Removing Your License Suspension after a DWI Charge

In Minnesota, you have the option of reducing or in some cases even removing the license suspension if you agree to install and use what is called an Ignition Interlock (IIL) System. An Ignition Interlock System is tied to the ignition on your car and basically will not let you start the car until you take a breath test to prove that you have not been drinking. While you will be responsible for the costs associated with the IIL system, it is the fastest and easiest way to get you back to driving your own car and living your life after a DWI.

Understanding DWI sentencing with the Ignition Interlock System

Here are two individual graphics that can help you understand how the Ignition Interlock System can help shorten your license suspension.

Can installing an Ignition Interlock avoid / reduce my license suspension?

Yes. the Ignition Interlock system can effectively eliminate the revocation / cancellation period. It will allow you to continue driving, and can even eliminate minimum jail requirements (at the discretion of a judge).

From Subdivision 7 of 169A.275 of the Minnesota Statutes.

Subd. 7.Exception. A judge is not required to sentence a person as provided in subdivisions 1 to 4 if the judge requires the person as a condition of probation to drive only motor vehicles equipped with an ignition interlock device meeting the standards described in section 171.306.

How Much Does the Ignition Interlock System Cost?

There are a few different costs related to the Ignition Interlock System including installation ($90 to $125), maintenance ($65 to $135 per month), lock out fees ($50, if applicable) and removal fees ($50).

How Long do I have to keep the Ignition Interlock System Installed?

It depends on the severity of your charge and how many (if any) prior DWI arrests were involved. Typically, for a first offense that is under .16 BAC, you're looking at 1 full year of using the IIL system. However, you have immediate eligibility to use your license with the IIL instead of a 90 day revocation (15 days hard revocation, 75 day work permit).

Ignition Interlock Questions? Call For a Free Consultation

Questions about Ignition Interlock System laws in Minnesota and how they might affect your DWI sentencing? Call for a free initial consultation today. Having an experienced DWI attorney on your side can minimize or eliminate the time your drivers' license is suspended.