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Why You Need a DWI Lawyer

Why You Need a Lawyer

Having an Attorney on Your Side Can Make All The Difference

It's not uncommon for people charged with a DWI to wonder why they need a lawyer. Especially if you already believe that you are guilty. Regardless of your guilt or innocence, you are far more likely to get the best possible outcome to your case by having an attorney on your side.

Having a DWI lawyer represent you ensures that YOUR rights are protected

If you have been charged with a DWI, you have an entire system and process working against you. Prosecutors and police officers are not concerned with making sure that your rights are protected. While the constitution does grant you rights when you are being accused of a DWI or any other crime, it takes expertise and experience to ensure that these rights are exercised.

Having a DWI lawyer ensures that someone familiar with the courts is in your corner

Walking into a courtroom by yourself to try to protect your license and freedom is no small task. A familiarity with the system around DWI cases and how they are handled can make all of the difference. Knowing the prosecutors, judges and other people involved in the process can make it more likely that you get a good outcome.

Having a DWI lawyer ensures that the right questions are asked on your behalf

Can the breath test be called into question? Did the officer have the right to pull you over? Was the evidence stored correctly? These are just a few of the questions that might be the difference between a guilty verdict and a dismissal of your case. Even in the case that you are found guilty of a DWI charge, an attorney can help you work towards alternative sentencing or securing a work permit so you can continue driving to work.

What if I know I'm guilty? Do I still need a lawyer?

It's a common misconception that DWI and criminal defense lawyers either get their clients' charges dismissed, or they failed. The fact of the matter is, having a DWI lawyer on your side can have a dramatic effect on your case even if you are found guilty. A DWI lawyer can help work with you towards alternative, lessened or delayed sentencing.